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    Cat survives 110ft fall without any serious injuries

    NewsMonday 09 September 2013
    A lucky cat has miraculously survived after falling 11 floors out of her owner’s apartment window in Alaska. 
    The cat, named Wasabi, was chasing a mosquito around her owner Stephanie Gustafson’s apartment last week when she chased the insect out of the window. 
    Wasabi then fell 110ft out of the window, whilst Ms Gustafson’s mother watched in horror before running downstairs to locate the cat. 
    She found the animal around 15 feet away from the building, huddled up next to a metal box, bloody and soaked from the rain. 
    According to the Juneau Empire, the cat was sitting in the corner with her eyes half closed and had a limp paw. According to Ms Gustafson, Wasabi was “really quiet” and wasn’t even meowing in pain. 
    Wasabi was then taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic for an X-Ray. Despite the height of the fall, the cat came away with no serious injuries, and only suffered a fractured radius and some broken bones in her elbow. 
    Merely a few days after the incident Wasabi was taken back home and within a day of returning home, she was eating, drinking, purring and playing with her toys. 
    Speaking to Juneau Empire, Ms Gustafson said: “She's got about six weeks to heal. I'm going to have to keep her in a small area so she doesn't play much.
    “I'm just happy she's alive. She's like my little baby.”
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