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    Cat shot with crossbow bolt in St Helens

    NewsAnimal CrueltyThursday 09 June 2011

    Spike, a cat, was shot in the head with a 30cm long crossbow bolt near its home in Sutton, St Helens, on Tuesday 7th June. According to its owner, the kitten must have been either held down or trapped as the steel bolt went upwards through its nose at out the back of its head.

    Spike’s owner from was shocked when her neighbours told her that her little kitten was seen with the bolt embedded in its jaw. Vets who operated the pet couldn’t believe that the cat survived as the bolt missed its brain by a fraction. It took five hours for the police, RSPCA officers, its owner and her friends to find wounded Spike. The kitten was immediately taken to pet emergency.

    Although Spike will survive, it's still being looked after by the vets as they are not sure what damages have been done to his jaw. Police have launched an investigation and the bolt has been retained for forensic examination. Anyone who may have information or may have something suspicious are urged to contact police on 0151 777 6958 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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