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    Cat returns home after 3 years

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsMonday 20 June 2011

    Liquorice, a cat from Bradford, Avon, disappeared in the summer of 2008 when its owners let her out for her evening walk outside.

    Cat’s owners weren’t too much concerned about the cat not coming back home the same day as the kitten used to leave for a day or two. However, after one week, they started worrying and became to look for Liquorice.

    Three years passed and the cat decided to come back home. As it was micro-chipped, its owners checked at the vets for confirmation, although they were completely sure it was Liquorice. Their owners said that the cat must have been looked after as she was in very good condition and they are wondering whether there is someone who is missing her just like they have for all this time.

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