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    Cat rescued from 40ft tree in Beaconsfield

    NewsUK Cat NewsFriday 14 October 2011

    Clover, an 18-month-old feline, was rescued last Monday, 10th October, after getting stuck at the top of a 40 ft pine tree for over 24 hours. 

    The cat that had already survived travelling from Hove to Beaconsfield inside the wheel arch of a car, got stuck on a tree and could not get down. After over 24 hours spent at the top of a tree, the RSPCA was alerted to the incident and the rescue team was called in order to get the kitty down. A tense resuce effort began at around 3.30pm with fire fighters at first unable to reach the cat due to the size of the tree, but after much coaxing, they finally got her to safety. 

    Clover was adopted after the family heard about the cat that had managed to survive a ride in a car's wheel arch along the motorway en route from Hove to Manchester after being discovered when the driver of the car stopped for petrol at Beaconsfield services.

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    Text source: Yorkpress UK; image source:

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