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    Cat killings and mutilations hit Langley

    NewsAll Cat NewsThursday 07 June 2012
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    Cat owners in Langley are being advised to keep their cats indoors after another wave of cat killings and mutilations.

    Similar to the recently reported attacks on domestic cats in Maple Ridge, the attacks began in February and seem to have picked up steam in May.

    Lori Chortyk, an SPCA spokesperson, said there were reported incidents on Feb. 22, March 23, and May 4, 19, and 29.

    Not every incident of dead cats can be blamed on humans, and one of the cases in the Brookswood area of Langley may be the result of a coyote attack.

    However, most of them are clearly cases of human attack. In one case, a number of dead cats were found in a large garbage bin, Chortyk said. The exact number of cats is not being revealed.

    “Some of these, clearly the injuries were made by an instrument,” she said.

    This is not the first time someone has been killing cats in Brookswood or South Langley.

    In October of 2010, the Langley Advance reported on a string of cases. The SPCA has records of six incidents in July, August, and September that year.

    One woman told the Advance at the time that she and her family found a local stray cat cut in half.

    The RCMP was called in to investigate, and police and the SPCA urged residents to keep their cats inside, and the cat killings seemed to stop.

    Chortyk can’t say whether the new Brookswood incidents this year are being committed by the same person or persons responsible for the string of incidents in Maple Ridge.

    The cats north of the Fraser River were found within a 15-block radius between 217th and 230th streets, from Lougheed Highway to Dewdney Trunk Road.

    Most had their heads chopped off, or their bodies slit from throat to tail with a sharp object. Then, the remains were placed where the owners or passersby could find them.

    For example, school children were shocked to find the remains of a cat during their lunch break at Harry Hooge Elementary last week.

    Unfortunately, it is not unknown for people to kill cats, and there is no way to rule out the notion that more than one person is committing the attacks, Chortyk said.

    “It’s unlikely that this many cases would all be the work of one person,” she said.

    This is a very unusual case for the investigators of the SPCA, who normally respond to complaints from the public about animal cruelty. It is the top priority for several officers, she said.

    There is very little physical evidence, Chortyk said.

    Tips from the public could very well be the deciding factor in whether the perpetrator or perpetrators are found.

    “The more leads we get, we can put together consistencies,” she said.

    In the meantime, even outdoor cats should be kept inside, Chortyk said.

    “I’m sure people want to do whatever is possible to keep their cats safe,” she said.

    If people have any information about an attack on cats, they can contact the Langley RCMP at  604-532-3200       and information will be passed on to the SPCA.

    Source: Vancouver Sun

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