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    Cat killer on loose in Coventry

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 22 October 2013
    A warning to all our readers in Coventry; Unfortunately there is a cat killer on the loose and pet owners are in fear after nine cats living in the same street have been found dead. It is not strongly believed that there is a cat killer on the loose causing these problems.
    One resident and cat owner, Clayton Emms, said that her cat has been missing for nine days. She believes that someone has been luring them to drink poisonous antifreeze after becoming agitated at the high number of animals in the street. Now Clayton will not let his other cats out of the house.
    Sharon Price who also lives on the street has lost four cats in two weeks. She said that "Without doubt someone has been killing off cats - and I don't know how they can live with themselves.
    "My children and others on the street are absolutely heartbroken and distraught, they are part of our family.

    "I hope whoever's done this is caught." 
    The RSPCA have been brought into the area to investigate but fear the number of dead cats could actually be much higher than thought. There is no official standing though as tests have not been carried out so incidents may not be connected, deliberate or accidental. For now there is no official word.
    Speaking on behalf of the RSPCA, Officer Ben Jones said that "It is really sad to hear that so many cats have died in such a short space of time.

    "As yet we do not know if this was deliberate or accidental but we do want to remind people that deliberately poisoning an animal is illegal and could mean a £20,000 fine and even six months in prison."
    Source: Express
    Photo: Wikipedia
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