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    Cat killed by vicious dog

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsFriday 10 June 2011

    A pet owner from Ohio (USA) was terrified when her cat was ripped apart by a dog passing by.

    It’s a second time this month when a cat is killed by a dog in Colombus, Ohio. Butterscotch and its owner were sitting on its porch when they saw a man and a woman walking down the sidewalk with a dog, Pit Bull, on a leash. Suddenly, the dog attacked the cat pulling its owner behind it.

    The cat died and the dog’s owner took the dog and walked away. Animal officers warn to always make sure where the dog lives in order to prevent more such accidents to happen.

    Ohio's Pit Bull laws state if you own a dog commonly know as a Pit Bull in the state of Ohio, its owner must maintain at least $100.000 of liability insurance on that dog. If the dog walks off the property, it must be on a chain link no longer than six feet and walked by an adult, not a child. Also the leash cannot be retractable.

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