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    Cat holds his family hostage in Portland, Oregon

    NewsAll Cat NewsFriday 21 March 2014

    Lux, a 22-pound Himalayan made global news last week when Teresa Barker and Lee Palmer, their son and the family’s dog had barricade themselves in the bedrom.

    The family, from Portland, Oregon, had to call 911 after their cat, Lux, turned on his family, forcing his owners to call 911.

    According to the emergency services, it all started when Mr Palmer kicked the cat after it scratched his 8-month-old baby. It seems Jesse, the couple’s son, crawled after Lux and pulled his tail. Lux reacted by swiping at Jesse’s face and drew blood from the baby’s forehead.

    In response to his owner’s kick, the feisty feline went ballistic, leading Palmer and his girlfriend to grab Jesse and their black Pomeranian dog, Smokey and lock themselves and the in the run to the bedroom. The cat wailed and screamed outside.

    During the phone call, Lux can be heard screeching in the background as Palmer says in a panicked voice: 'He's charging us. He's at our bedroom door.' Palmer also recalls the dispatcher that the cat has been violent in the past.

    When Portland police arrived they captured Lux on top of the refrigerator using a snare.

    It  did not take too long before the story attracted worldwide attention and Lux was shot to internet stardom.

    “He attacked our baby, so we got a bit of adrenalin rush,” Barker said. “If you had a cat and you had a baby… I assure you, you’d do the same thing. We were worried about the baby; we could’ve cared less how the cat felt.”

    In addition to the media attention, Baker and Palmer have been attending calls from people who want to adopt Lux and others offering psychological counseling for the cat.

    What they aren't considering is giving up on or giving away Lux, Barker said.

    “It’s not going to happen — I’m not getting rid of my cat right now,” she said. “I’ve raised him since he was a baby…we’re taking different precautions.”

    "I should not have kicked him, which I did barefoot and not even hard, but I don't believe in hitting animals," he said. "But when I saw my son bleeding, I lost my temper."

    Barker and Palmer are also expecting a call from the producers of the Animal Planet show “My Cat from Hell.”

    Initially the couple was keeping the baby away from Lux and Lux away from the baby, and only two days after the cat attack, they insisted on not giving up on their pet and in seeking therapy.

    'We're not getting rid of him right now,' Palmer said last week. 'He's been part of our family for a long time.'

    However, the couple soon changed their mind and called the Multnomah County Animal Services and asked to come and pick up their now-infamous black-and-white house cat.





    Photo: Multnomah County Animal Services


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