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    Cat euthanized after being found drenched in anti-freeze

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsWednesday 24 August 2011

    A cat traps deployed in Canada to fight the increasing number of stray cats had brought another case of a cat that had to be put down after being found drenched in anti-freeze in Lake Cowichan.

    A growing number of stray cats are leading some frustrated house owners to place cat traps. According to the SPCA, at least one person is alleged to have killed a cat. The problem is that some outdoors cats tend to disappear as they catch themselves into the traps for stray felines. The case of Misty, an outdoor cat from Lake Cowichan, is another example of the anti-freeze killer. This time the cat did not eat the anti-freeze, it must have been drenched in the poisonous liquid by somebody, as the cat’s head remained dry. Although anti-freeze is only fatal when ingested, the cat had to put down.

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    Text source: BC Local News; Image source:

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