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    Cat Decapitated

    NewsAnimal CrueltyFriday 10 June 2011

    This story shocked all the neighbourhood of Dale City in the USA: a man who allegedly cut the head off his mother’s cat has been let out of jail.

    Mr Winkles was a family cat who used to go around and make friends with all the neighbours. The son of Mr Winkles’ owner has been known for his trouble with the law because of abduction, assaults and now the animal cruelty. The man is told to get in a discussion with his mother and then grab the family cat and behead it.

    The explanation of having consumed ‘a lot of cocaine and alcohol’ was enough for the judge to let the man out with a promise that if he failed to appear for his next hearing, he would have to pay $5,000 (according to 9NewsNow).

    The man has been slated to enter a guilty plea on August 25th and faces up to five years in prison.

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