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    Cat Burglar

    NewsCat Curiosities Wednesday 22 June 2011

    Dusty is adored by the entire neighbourhood although he regularly steals things from the nearby residents. During the last four years he has brought to his house more than 600 items. Luckily for Dusty, he’s a cat otherwise he would definitely end up in jail.  

    Dusty is a happy and healthy cat from San Mateo, California. During a day he does everything what other cats do: look out of window, climbs on chairs and kitty condos, sleeps etc. However, during the night he goes out… to rob their neighbours!

    The cat’s owners adopted him as a kitten from the Peninsula Humane Society five years ago. One year after they started getting many items on their doorstep from the whole neighobourhood (gloves, towels, bikinis, underwear, sunglasses, sponges). Although Dusty is an adorable cat and even the animal experts simply cannot explain the kleptomaniac kitty, his owners gets worried when the cat brings home expensive things. The neighbours aren’t worried though. When something gets lost at their house they just go straight to Dusty's place and find it.

    Watch the video here.

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