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    Can you give one of the furry friends a new home?

    NewsCat RehomingWednesday 02 May 2012
    Can you offer a loving new home to any of these cats and dogs being cared for by Tag Pet Rescue?

    Cosy companions Treacle and Maple are both three years old. They have long fur that needs a lot of care to prevent it from becoming tangled and are quite happy to be picked up and stroked. The male and female couple are looking for a lovely quiet home together and an owner who will look after them.

    Dottie is a sweet-natured female tortoiseshell cat aged between two and three years. She is very affectionate and loves having her soft silky fur stroked. Dottie would love a good home with someone to spoil her and give her lots of cuddles.

    Pebbles is a charcoal and white colour tabby. He will be four this year and is in the prime of his life. Pebbles used to live in Faversham but one day he disappeared and was missing for two years. When he returned home, he found another cat had stepped into his shoes and so is now being cared for by Tag. Pebbles is a gorgeous cat and would love a permanent home again.

    Arthur is a mastiff cross and is about four years old. Arthur was rescued by TAG from the dog pound just before being put down. Due to his size, he is very strong, but very loving. Arthur knows basic commands and will sit and give his paw for a treat. He is looking for a caring and loving home.

    Wiggle is a pointer cross and is thought to be a year old. He is a playful pup who loves everybody. Adorable Wiggle would make a good pet.

    Mabel came to Tag from the dog pound. She is a very sociable pooch who is always wagging her tail. Mabel would love a home with older children but with no other dogs.

    If you can help any of these pets please contact TAG Pet Rescue on             01843 822931       or e-mail [email protected] To find out more about the cute and cuddly cats and dogs needing a good home, visit

    Source: Faversham People

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