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    Bulldog nurses adorable newborn kittens as if they her own after their mother died

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsWednesday 27 June 2012
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    A White English bulldog used her motherly instincts to nurse newborn kittens after their mother died.

    Elbert Bristow, 84, of Columbia, Alabama said he found his dog Molly nursing the six-week-old kittens after their mother named Kitty Kitty was killed.

    The two-year-old dog has adopted the four kittens like they were her own offspring.

    Molly gave birth to a litter of puppies a day before the kittens were born.

    Earlier this week, however, Mr Bristow was returning home from a fishing trip and mistakenly ran over the kitten, he told the Dothan Eagle.

    He said of Kitty Kitty: 'We hated to lose her.'

    Shortly after the mother cat's death, Mr Bristow found an extraordinary sight.

    He found Molly nursing the kittens like she does for her three newborn puppies.

    The kittens follow the dog around like they are her own children.

    They spend up to 10 minutes at a time getting milk from Molly.
    Mr Bristow told the newspaper: 'It is unusual, very unusual.'
    He went on to say: 'Really they’re natural enemies. Most dogs can’t stand cats.'

    The kittens include a gray one, an orange-colored one, another that is gray and white and a Siamese-looking kitten.

    'I’ve had dogs all my life. I’ve trained bird dogs and coon dogs, but this is the first time I’ve ever had a dog take a litter of kittens,' Mr Bristow said.

    The owner is keeping the kittens and Molly's three puppies separate while they're nursing.

    He plans to give away most of the newborns - both the puppies and the kittens.

    He intends to keep one puppy and kitten for himself.

    Source: Daily Mail

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