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    British cat lovers share their pet images more than selfies

    NewsCat Curiosities Thursday 27 February 2014

    A new research from Three suggests Britons prefer to share cat photos rather than their own.

    Selfies, are a self-portrait taken on a smartphone's front-facing camera and have been named as Word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013. 

    Last week, the network operator made some numbers public and an astonishing 3.8 million images and videos of cats are shared in social networks every day. These images outnumber selfies more than twice - self-portraits are 1.4 million.

    Three also found that over 350,000 British cat owners have set up accounts on social networks for their pets.

    From this group, a 21 per cent of them felt their cat' page was more interesting than their own. About a 15 per cent confessed that they were sharing their felin photos in hopes of gaining some online popularity.


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