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    Bradford RSPCA in crisis due to rise in abandoned cats

    NewsCat RehomingFriday 15 June 2012
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    Staff at Bradford’s RSPCA Centre say they have reached crisis point after being inundated with unwanted Cats and kittens.

    The Mount Street animal home now has 28 kittens and more than 130 cats desperately needing new homes.

    Cattery supervisor Claire Kendall says the highest-ever number of felines the shelter has experienced is stretching its resources to the limit.

    Last year the numbers reached as high as 100, prompting the charity to call for help, but this year’s figures have topped that.

    Miss Kendall said: “It’s got worse. It’s a struggle and we need help. We need people to get the message about getting their cats neutered and we need people who can afford to give good homes to come and see us.

    “People just aren’t coming in to adopt at the moment. It’s because they are having to watch their purses. It’s hard times for everyone at the moment and it’s putting a tremendous pull on us here.”

    She added: “The cat situation on the whole is bad at the moment. More cats are being thrown out on to the street because their owners can’t afford them. Cats aren’t being neutered so we are also getting more numbers of unwanted kittens. Diseases can be spread and so it goes on – it’s a vicious circle.

    ”People might think it would be sweet to have kittens running around the house, but the reality can be different. Then what are they going to do with them? They end up here or on the streets.”

    There are schemes available in the district for people who are on benefits to get their cats neutered at reduced rates.

    The RSPCA runs a welfare clinic at Mount Street, Bradford. It can be contacted on (01274) 739580      .

    Anyone interested in finding out more about adopting a kitten or cat should call  (01274) 723063 for more information.

    Source: The Telegraph and Argus

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