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    Blind cat finds a happy home

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsFriday 10 June 2011

    Pythia, a blind cat, was found last summer in Auburn and nursed to health by Cayuga Veterinary Services (USA).

    The female Siamese mix-breed was adopted by a woman from Genoa after she had read about Pythia in September last year. Pythia’s blindness is incurable; however, there were more than 30 other families to adopt the kitten. Her new Genoa owner named the cat Pythia after the Greek oracles at Delphi that was was blind, also known as the Pythia.

    Pythia was found in a crate left at Cayuga Veterinary Services in Aurelius last August. Her eyes were surgically removed after they were ruptured by an injury or illness. Despite her lack of sight, Pythia still behaves like a typical young cat and is eager to play with any toy that makes the slightest sound.

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