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    BBC star Chris Packham argues about the dangers of cats on the natural wildlife

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 28 March 2013
    BBC star Chris Packham argues that cats are ruining the natural eco balance in the UK. He asks viewers who watch his show “Springwatch” to be aware of the dangers that cats and other introduced animals have on the country.
    He compares what is happening in Uk to what has happened in Australia where the natural wildlife has had many problems due to animals that have been introduced to the country by humans like foxes, rabbits, rats and cats. The natural ecosystems struggles to handle cats especially feral cats who do not have an owner.
    It is estimated that over 200 million animals are killed each year by cats. Even though you may be aware as a cat owner that your cat often brings back small dead corpses it has been predicted that only 25% is returned home to the doorstep out of the prey the cats kill.
    In 2010 a study by the University of Nebraska in the USA found that feral cats have driven 33 bird species to extinction worldwide.
    What Packham and others suggest is not neutering cats or rounding up and killing strays. This is both unfeasible, impracticable and also cruel to do on such a large scale but they promote responsible pet ownership. Packham advices to cat owners to either keep the cat indoors at night time or at least wear a bell on its collar to help alert potential prey whilst the cat is hunting. This can give the prey a chance to run away once it hears the bell.
    It is leading to a highly controversial fight. On the one side you have people who love cats including cat welfare groups, on the other side you have people who love wildlife such as birds and want to protect them. The irony  is that both side love animals and a balance must be found.
    It is not the first time that Packham has made controversial statements. Other things he has said include that pandas should not be protected so they can go extinct. He also supports the culling of deer in the UK and elephants in Africa. Furthermore he believes that people should stop having children to ease the current over population of the world. 
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Mongider
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