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    Ancient 2,000-year-old mummified cat found in Cornwall attic

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsWednesday 20 February 2013

    A Cornwall man discovered a dusty stuffed cat in his attic that turned out to be a 2,000-year-old mummy.

    Robert Gray, who is from Porthscatho, near St Mawes, discovered the strange-looking artefact in his loft where it had been sitting for the past 50 years.
    Mr Gray’s father did a lot of work for museums around the United Kingdom and was given the mummified cat as a thank you gift. 
    The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro has officially confirmed that the mummy is 2,000 years old. 
    Speaking to the BBC, Mr Gray said: "It's been languishing in the attic. My father always said to get it x-rayed. The vets have confirmed it is a mummified cat and not a fake."
    When he first discovered the cat in the attic, Mr Gray thought the feline shape was a “pile of rags”, but upon noticing it was a cat, he took it to the vet’s for an X-ray. 
    Incredibly, the X-ray came up with a series of images that revealed the outline of a perfectly preserved ancient cat, that was complete with a face, ears, a spine and brain. 
    The experts at the museum have confirmed that it is an Egyptian mummy and they have estimated its worth at around £2,000. 
    Robert, who is an actor and the owner of a B&B, inherited the artifact after his father’s death in 1984 and instantly assumed it was a fake. 
    Speaking to, Robert said: "My father acquired the cat in the 1970s as a token of thanks from a museum. It's been in the loft languishing there for 50 years.
    "It's perfectly bandaged up and a very interesting item. Apparently interior designers love this sort of thing, as ghoulish as it sounds."
    Ancient Egyptians were huge fans of cats and mummified a number of animals as religious offerings or in order to ensure that their beloved companions would follow them into the afterlife. 
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