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    African Cats is every bit as polished and pretty as you might expect

    NewsAll Cat NewsFriday 27 April 2012
    African cats

    Film review: Disney's African Cats is directed by two BBC-trained Brits, resulting in a nature documentary every bit as polished and pretty as you might expect.

    This huggable Disney nature documentary tells the story of families  of lions and cheetahs (above) in  Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve. Aside from the ‘mane’ attractions, every other creature is edible scenery.

    In the grand tradition of Walt Disney’s films of this type from the 1950s, African Cats is a narrative drama – all of the cute cubs and proud mothers are named and their inner motives described as if they had just stepped out of The Lion King. For adults who like their nature docs to be unpolluted by anthropomorphisation, the technique is defiantly old-fashioned but a story does make it much easier for the children to sit still.
    Co-directors Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill are both BBC-trained Brits; in fact, Scholey succeeded Fothergill as head of the Beeb’s Natural History Unit. African Cats is therefore every bit as polished and pretty as you might expect but equally only as good as many documentaries you can see on TV. In this country, we are simply spoiled.

    Source: Metro

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