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    Add your cat to London Zoo’s Cat Map

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsMonday 04 March 2013

    Have you ever been keen to see how many cats are in your hometown? Or how many tabbies there are in Tottenham? Well, you might just be in luck. The team at London Zoo have launched a new Cat Map of the world. 

    The map was launched as part of their ad campaign in the build up to the opening of the Zoo’s brand new Tiger Territory. They are attempting to chart each and every cat in London, and you can upload your furry feline friends to the map with ease along with a nice pic and a short bit about your cat.
    The zoo is pushing for everyone to map their cat in order to make it the most inclusive survey of the nations cat population to date. 
    Click here to take look at the map and add your cat. 
    Cat Map mimics techniques used by field conservationists when recording the numbers and locations of individual animals in the wild and will give an overview of all of the cats living in London.
    When adding their moggy to Cat Map on the Zoo’s website, users upload a photo, and select the cat’s gender, age and colouring from pre-set categories – which will then be automatically placed on the interactive map.
    Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have already added profiles for big cats Jae Jae and Melati, the Zoo’s new pair of critically endangered Sumatran tigers, and the Cat Map team will be closely monitoring London’s cat-stats as they are added to the database.
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