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    A Very Purr-spectable Age: Putts The Tortoiseshell Turns 25!

    NewsWednesday 24 September 2014


    A cat from Devon has is now thought to be the oldest cat in world, beating US-born Corduroy, who currently holds the Guinness World Record, by 6 months.


    Putts was born in January 1989 in a little of three to her mother Daisy, just a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall and in the same year as the Tiananmen Square protests. Her owners, David and Joyce Willey, say its a diet of chicken, lots of naps and the company of their younger cat - who is 14 - that keeps her young. Putts lived with Mr Willey before he married his wife seven years ago - now they are one big family along with Joyce’s cat Millie and their border collie, Ben.

    Mr Willey said: 'She gets groomed every day and she loves the garden we have. She still likes to play with Millie now and again, but she doesn't let her get the better of her - my cat has long claws which she uses to keep Millie at bay.'


    Mr Willey, a gardener and decorator, attributes overcoming ill-heath (before he met Joyce) to Putts.  

    'When we lived in a flat together just the two of us she stuck by me,' he said; 'She was with me all the time. She is an absolutely fantastic cat, and still very happy. She loves lying and napping in a quiet little place, and she liked her food too - but we have to break it up for her now.'

    Despite recently having a number of health problems, Putts has always overcome the odds and made a full recovery. She suffered a bout of ill health around a week ago, but then perked up and was shortly back to her normal self.


    The tortoiseshell tucked into her favourite meal of chicken and had a lovely long nap to celebrate turning 25 (or 120 in cat years). Unfortunately, the Willeys have no record of her birth and, despite being older than the current record holder, she will not be officially recognised as the oldest cat in the world. We don't think shes looks a day over 5!


    Older or elderly cats often lose out in shelters to their younger counterparts, but cats that are 8+ still have plenty of life and love to give.

    If you are looking for a feline friend who can provide companionship and still find time for kitten-like mischievous behaviour, please consider going to your local shelter and asking about older or elderly cats!




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