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    A new Internet craze of “Sushi Cats” launched in Japan

    NewsCat Curiosities Thursday 16 May 2013
    It seems that the Internet is in love with cats and naturally it does not take long until a new craze hits the web and this time it comes from Japan. A company and users of the web are creating photos of “Sushi Cats”. Cats which are photoshopped onto mounds of rice and made to look like sushi.
    To all those who are worrying and panicking then do not worry. It is not actual sushi made from cats, just images that have been digitally manipulated. According to the website where the cat's first originated from, no cats have been harmed from the making of Sushi Cats.
    Why has this been done? No one except the Japanese know. The company, Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts , who created the sushi cats used them as part of their new advertising campaign and it seems to have taken Japan and even the world by storm. They have also released a video explaining the history of sushi cats.
    There are a range of photos available on the web. Some cats are pictured with handbags, others with fish and spring onion and others wrapped in seaweed to give the sushi an authentic look. There are even two cats playing ping pong and badmington. The photos go from the interesting to the outright weird. 
    Already the sushi stars are having their own game created for them on iPhone and Android applications. They also have a Facebook page with literally thousands of fans and is looking to gain more. From the official website you can buy photo prints, postcards and much more such as t-shirts.
    We believe that this would be classed as bizarre news. 
    Source: ohgizmo
    Photo: I find Karma
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