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    A hoard of 130 cats found in Texas home

    NewsCat Rescue NewsThursday 10 April 2014

    Recently, a house full of cats was discovered in Houston, Texas.

    About 130 cats, maybe more, lived inside a house in Houston, Texas, many of them suffering from emaciation.

    The house, property of two 60-year-old twin sisters, one of them suffering with cancer, was in a rundown state, the yard unkempt and the trees untrimmed, according to the neighbours.

    But nobody expected what was going to be found inside. 

    “In the bathroom that the women used, there is a deceased cat that is decomposing,” said Christine Kendrick, Deputy Constable at Harris Co.

    In order to be able to get in the house and rescue the cats, workers had to wear masks due to the filthy chaos and the powerful stench.

    “It’s not just the feces smell it’s the ammonia levels in here that are just overwhelming. The second I walked in the front door my eyes were watering and I mean, it’s just difficult to breathe in this house,” stated J.C. Mosier, Assist. Chief of Harris Co. Constable’s office.

    In the garage they found mounds of cat feces four feet deep.

    They could not take all the cats the first time they came in the house. It was necesary more than one visit and a dose of hard work to get them, because they were buried under the mounds of feces.

    One of the sisters was taken away to the hospital for observation and the other one is planning to move out of the house, staying with a relative.




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