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    8 Cats Who Just Want to Be in The Ryder Cup Team

    NewsMonday 22 September 2014

    Its The Ryder Cup this weekend and these feline furries' biggest wish is to make the team. Europe or USA - they're not fussy....















    "But I Look So Dashing in My Golfwear!"




    "But I Look So Dashing in My Golf Attire!"


    This Guy Really Puts in The Hours On The Golf Course....


    This Guy has Spent Years Mastering the Focus and Concentra- ERRMAGAD GOLF BALLZ!!! 


    "I Got The Ball so...I Win?"


    "We're Ready To Go To The Driving Ran- Zzzzzzzzz...."


    "I'm ACTUALLY Ready To Go - Super Keen, in Fact."


    "Do I Have To Drive This Thing Myself!?"


    As it Turns Out, These Guys Already Have a Team Ready...Maybe Next Year?




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