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    70 cats rescued from house in the USA

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsThursday 06 June 2013
    Nearly 70 cats have been rescued from a feces-covered home of a terminally ill cancer patient who loved cats and named each one of them. Officials called it a severe case of animal hording.
    Officials dressed in white hazmat suits and respirators convereged on the house near Jackson, Michigan on Wednesday and removed around 70 cats from rooms that were covered in urine and feces. The house was lived in by a 60 year old man who suffers from stage 4 liver cancer. He had been living alone with his cats until he was taken to a hospice.
    The authorities and Cascades Human Society were tipped off about the animal hording situation by the man’s 54 year old wife who wanted the cats to live in a better environment and find new homes. It is believed that the husband who left to a hospice before the cats were discovered does not know that they are gone.
    The conditions that he and his cats were living in could have easily cause harm to his condition. 2 dead kittens were found and several others were in a poor condition. The older cats seemed, however, to be well taken care of. It is thought that these cats only have minor problems such as fleas and mites.
    All cats will now be checked by a vet, cleaned up and in the end put up for adoption in the local area.
    The couple moved into the house with just 2 cats however the husband loved cats so much and would collect strays. Over the years the numbers simply built up. One of the outcomes of this is that although the cats were in bad condition, they were loved and in the most case cared for. This will make it easier for the adoption process.
    Photo: Wikimedia
    Source: Dailymail
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