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    5 Reasons Why Cat People Are Awesome

    NewsWednesday 07 January 2015


    If you're on this site, chances are you're a cat person or perhaps love both felines and canines in equal measure. Having a cat in your life is not only a joy and privilege, but also provides the following benefits. And who could possibly disagree that cat people are the best?




    1. You're Smarter Than Dog Owners!

    intelligent cat

    In a study conducted by Carroll University in Wisconsin, USA, cat and dog owners were put through an intelligence test. The results found that cat owners scored higher than their canine-loving counterparts and other studies suggest that cat owners are more likely to have a degree. Other findings of the study revealed that cat owners are likely to be more sensitive, creative and open-minded, whereas dog owners are more likely to follow rules but be more energetic and outgoing.   

    The university's Professor Guastello thinks the cause of these results is that people may choose a pet based on their own personality (so it probably means your cat is smart and creative too, right?).



    2. You Probably Have A Healthier Heart!

    cat doctor

    Researchers who examined nearly 4500 adults found that cat ownership was related to a 40% lower risk of suffering a fatal heart attack. This was thought to be because having a cat reduces stress and anxiety, and therefore protects against heart disease. In the duration of the study 3.4% of feline-owners died from a heart attack, compared with 5.8% of those who did not own a cat - so the figures truly speak for themselves on this one!

    And if that wasn't enough, owners of indoor cat breeds that require leashed walks such as the Savannah and Bengal will also recieve the same health and social benefits that have been found in studies on dog-walkers.



    3. You're a Hit With The Ladies!

    seductive cat

    That's right! According to a study released on Cats Protection Week, women - whether attached or single - were more attracted to men who love animals. And men who liked cats specifically were percieved as nicer, more caring people by the 90% of the opposite sex.

    Contrary to the 'crazy cat person' myth, researchers found that the majority of male and female respondents agreed that it's not soppy or uncool for a man to love his feline friend. And it seems that more and more modern men enjoy lavishing attention and love on their cats, which can only be a good thing for everyone!



    4. You're More Environmentally Friendly!

    tree hugging cat

    A 2009 study found that if you're concious about your carbon footprint a cat is the pet for you. Over it's lifetime, the resources needed to feed a cat equate to the approximate carbon footprint of a Volswagen Golf, whereas the carbon foot print needed for a dog is more similar to that of a Hummer!

    This is down to the fact that in general cats eat less and are more likely to eat fish, rather than corn or beef flavoured products. And if you have a rescue cat, you've also saved a life and made room for another unwanted feline at your local shelter - so give yourself a double pat on the back! 



    5. You Get To See Stuff Like This Firsthand...All Of The Time!

    hilarious cat

    funny water cat

    greedy cat

    Cats are funny little creatures and choosing to have one in your life means you must have a pretty good sense of humour! So spend some time with your feline today and remember to thank them for making you awesome!


    Could you provide a loving home for a rescue kitty? Check out all the rescue cats on our site!



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