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    5 kittens rescued by a group of builders

    NewsCat RehomingThursday 07 July 2011

    Five kittens and their mother were found in a roof of a building site in Old Horsham Road, Crawley.

    A group of builders befriended a stray cat mum that was visiting the Bellway building site every day. The workers were feeding the tabby cat and in the end of June noticed the feline was pregnant and close to giving birth. When the builders called Cats Protection and the animal rescue officers came to see the Bellway cat they noticed it was much thinner, meaning she must have given birth to the kittens.

    The stray mum managed to give the builders and the animal charity volunteers the slip four time until the kittens’ hiding place was discovered. The brood were sheltering in the roof of a nearby garage. However, the workers were unable to get to the kittens, as the cat mum had squeezed into the roof through a tiny hole. They had to wait until the feline was ready to introduce them to the outside world. After some time, the cat brought its kittens for breakfast at the building site and it was then when Cats Protection was able to take the cats and prepare them for rehoming.

    The kittens will be ready for re-homing in around three weeks and Cats Protection is looking for potential owners. If you are interested in offering any of the cats a home call 01293 226155 or e-mail [email protected]

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