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    5 Ideas to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active and Happy!

    NewsTuesday 21 October 2014


    In an ideal world, all cats would be able to roam outside carefree without becoming a worry to their owners. But for those who live in flats, live in a busy urban area, have an eldery cat or a cat with special needs this isn't an option. It's still important to allow your cat to exercise their natural instincts to climb and explore, so here's 5 cool ideas to keep your feline happy and healthy! (some of these options are fairly pricey but don't worry as we've also included a few DIY ideas too!) 



    1. Hicat Poles

    Have a cat that can't stop climbing? Are curtains in your home no longer safe? Then one of the innovative floor-to-ceiling climbing poles by Hicat could be the answer to your prayers! Each product is made to order and can be adapted to suit any feline. You can have extra wide tubes that allow for internal climbing, up to 4 entry holes, a variety of colours and loads more. They even do special orders, so if you have something very specific in mind they can work with you to help you achieve exactly what you want. Podium and post units start at £160, tubes start at £380 and wide tubes at £460.   


    2. Homemade Cat Tree


    Of course, not everyone has £160+ to spend on a fancy climbing pole, however much they might usually pamper their feline best friend. A great way to achieve similar results on a lower budget is to get your DIY hat on and make one yourself. Homemaking a 'cat tree' is reletively inexpensive, allows you adapt the tree to suit your cat's needs and can be a great project to work together on with children, friends and loved ones. Take the cat tree above, which was shared on a DIY site by the thrifty Debra Frick. Made using a carpet tube, one sheet of plywood, jute rope, a door mat and 2 yards of fake fur - the end product is playtime-heaven for their cats (as you can see)! You can find a selection of DIY cat ideas at  


    3. The Cat Wheel

    If you have a very energetic breed such as a Bengal this great invention would benefit them a lot! Made lovingly by Catswall Design, the cat wheel can accomodate up to three cats at a time and will stylishly fit in with the rest of the furnishings in your home. Built to allow entry from either side, your cat can hop in, run, jump and then hop out when they please. The catwheel is built using high quality materials and as a result will withstand even the most energetic of kitty-cats. Though slightly on the pricey side, the Catwheel offers a unique function that is very difficult to replicate safely with DIY, and is a particuarly great investment for multi-cat households with a lot of energy to burn off! The Catwheel is available from Purrfect Homes for £459.00.


    4. DIY Kitty Ladder


    It's been scientifically proven that cats feel safer at a height where they can observe their surroundings, so this homemade cat ladder is a great way to utilise the top of a wardrobe as your cat's own special place. Climbing up and down the ladder will also fufill your cats natural exploratory instincts and keep them active! This one, which was submitted by Foobear on the Instructables website, required only some cheap carpet, wood screws, a couple of sticks of wood (easily available from your local DIY store) and some bits of metal to secure it to the top of your cats new tower. It doesn't take long to make either, and can go to great lengths to improve the quality of your indoor (or outdoor) cat's life! You can find more ideas for cat ladders on a blog especially dedicated to them.


    5. The Cat Wall

    If you want to offer your indoor puss the very best money can buy and have a spare wall to dedicate to your cat why not consider the Modular Cat Climbing Wall by Catswall? It's aluminum hanging system means you can change the order and height of the various components, giving your cat a new and unique experience everytime! The Catsboxes are available with 5 different patterns and the wall itself has 5 different colours of PVC veneer to choose from, so you can match your Cat Wall to your home decor! The Catsladder and Catstair add-ons mean that the Cat Wall is accessible to older cats and kittens, and for the more adventurous the Catspassage jumping platforms provide a thrilling challenge! You can design a Catwall to suit your needs at Purrfect Homes  


    Be sure to check out our cat accessories for more products to keep your feline best friend entertained and happy! 



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