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    20cm stick in cat’s stomach

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsThursday 07 July 2011

    Small kitten was operated after a 20cm stick had been discovered in its stomach in New Zealand.

    Kitten, that is 6-month-old, was brought to the vet as it was thought to have had a broken back. Its owner noticed there was a hard lump protruding from its spine. However, after being x-rayed, the vet found a 20cm stick wedged in the kitten’s stomach. The kitten is believed to have climbed a tree and fell. Fortunately, the stick missed all the main cat’s organs, but pierced the diaphragm. The main difficulty was to remove a fur from the kitten’s insides as when the stick stabbed through, it took a big lump of hair and there was big probability of dangerous infection if it was left inside.

    The operation took three vet surgeons two hours. The kitten has been recovering and it's doing well.

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