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    20 cats seized at 'drug house'

    NewsCat RehomingTuesday 21 February 2012

    A group of volunteers is looking for donations and foster homes for about 17 cats — including moms with kittens on the way — found abandoned at a alleged former  drug house in Limestone County.

    “The owner of the property was aware his tenants had animals, but he was completely caught off guard by how many were left behind as well as the health of the animals and the general state of the house,” said Linda Hickam, a volunteer with Forgotten Felines of Huntsville. “The cats are generally people-oriented. Some are very scared when you approach and some try to leave with you when you leave.”

    The foundlings include three kittens as well as juvenile and adult cats, including pregnant females that will soon give birth, Hickam said.

    “We have rescued 17, so far, but fosters are needed and money for veterinary care,” she said.

    When the property owners discovered the cats, they started feeding them in hopes of getting help for them. Some Huntsville veterinary offices and private individuals are fostering some of the felines. Forgotten Felines does not have a shelter of its own.

    The cats are generally in good heath, except for some with upper-respiratory infections that are being treated, Hickam said.

    “They are quite pretty, friendly cats that need some care,” she said.

    One mother, whom Hickam is fostering herself, had four kittens but one died due to infection.

    “The others are doing great and rapidly getting well,” Hickam said.

    One blind cat had to be euthanized because of multiple health problems, she said.

    “The intent is to save them all, but we’ll need folks to step up to do that,” Hickam said. “We are networking with the hopes of other animal-rescue groups sharing the load. Obviously, the quicker we get them out of the home, the better off they’ll be.”

    The group could also use donations with which to pay for veterinary care. Some of the felines are being treated for infections. All are being treated for fleas and worms and being fattened up. Most of the cats will eventually be available for adoption for $100, which will include the cost of spaying or neutering.

    “Anyone who could donate any amount — $5 to $10— would be helping,” Hickam said. “No amount is too small.”

    You can make donations through PayPal (no need to have an account with them) or you can mail a check to:

    Forgotten Felines, Inc.

    Re: Limestone County Cats

    P.O. Box 60

    Capshaw, AL 35742
    To contact the group:

    • Go online to;

    • Send email to [email protected];

    Source: e-News Courier

    By Jean Cole

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