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    185 Cats Disappear in Ipswich Without A Trace...

    NewsTuesday 28 October 2014


    Ipswich Missing Cats’ - a group on Facebook - was set up earlier this month by local Deni Parkes after 185 cats have disappeared in the last eight months.



     Whilst a definite cause for the missing felines has not been found, reported cases of cat poisonings and suspected cruelty to cats in the area has lead some to believe there is a serial cat thief or killer roaming the streets. Ms Parkes set up the group after seeing a sharp increase in reports of missing cats in Ipswich on social media - over 2200 people have now joined Ipswich Missing Cats. The nature of the disappearances are particularly alarming, as well as how concentrated the area with instances of missing cats is. 

    ‘That many cats simply do not go missing with no bodies being founds,’ Ms Parkes elaborated, ‘We think someone is taking them for baiting in dog fights or worse.’ 


    The group are now planning to register as a charity in the hope of raising awareness of cat theft, which Ms Parkes suspects is ‘not restricted to Suffolk’ and was ‘widespread’. Over in Northampton, for example, police are currently investigating reports of 30 missing cats. 


    A missing cat map of Ipwich has been created as a result of the group - which displays the areas affected by the suspected cat thief or killer. 

    The new map has been shared with Suffolk Police, along with a spreadsheet detailing missing cat reports, in the hope it will prompt them to investigate the disappearances. However, a spokesperson from Suffolk Police stated that they were investigating the intentional killing or injuring of four cats since August, but were unable to help with missing animals.


    Do you live in Suffolk? If you think you have any information that could help Ipswich Missing Cats please do not hesitate to contact them via the Facebook group or to get in touch with the RSPCA's cruelty line on 03001 234999.     



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