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    10 Sphynx Cats Looking Fabulously Fashionable

    NewsThursday 09 October 2014



    The hairless Sphynx might be warm and loving in nature but during these winter months their baldness means they definitely feel the chill! Here's 10 looks that will keep your Sphynx nice and toasty whilst being super stylish (sort of)...




    The City Kitty


    The Night-Capper


    The Obligatory Christmas Jumper


    The Gentleman


    The Count Sphynx-ula


    The 'How You Doing Baby?'


    The Really, Really Relunctent Elf


    The Lady


    The Tattooist


    The Indentity Crisis


    Would you like a hairless pal to wrap up warm with? Check out our available Sphynx cats and kittens!



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