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    10 Scottish Fold Cats That Are Perplexed By You

    NewsThursday 11 September 2014



    With their big eyes and peculiar folded-down ears, Scottish Folds can often look somewhat bewildered (as well as extrememly cute). These ones, however, are just completely baffled...




    "What Do You Mean YOU Control The Red Dot?"


    "The Dress Code is Only SMART CASUAL?!?!"


    "Why Do I Sit Like This? Why DON'T You Sit Like This?!?"


    "...I Mean, Seriously?"



    "Wait...You POOP into That Water Bowl in The Bathroom?"


    "My Bowl is Only 87% Full. WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME HUMAN?!?!"



    "But That Bird Was A PRESENT - I Even Left You Some Delicious Organ Meat!"


    But No Matter How You Try To Explain...They Just Don't Get It




    Although Something Tells Us They Aren't All That Bothered Anyway


    If you'd like a sweet Scottish Fold of your own, do check our kitten guide first to make sure they are the right breed for you!



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