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    10 Cats Who Are Already So Over Christmas!

    NewsThursday 27 November 2014

    It's almost December and Christmas is nearly upon us. With Christmas music, decorations and events appearing earlier and earlier each year, it's very easy to get fed up with all the hype. Here are 10 felines who've had enough and are so OVER this Christmas thing!


    This Festive Feline, Who Thinks "No, Human. Just No"


    This Kitty, Who Has Had an Unfortunate Run-In With The Decorations This Year


    This Guy, Who Is Plotting So Much Revenge...


    This Cat, Who Is Just Not Feeling This Christmas Family Portrait


    This Cheerful Persian, Who Thinks You Should Sleep With One Eye Open From Now On...


    This Fella, Who Does Not Share His Canine Counterpart's Enthusiasm For The Festive Season


    This Kitty, Who Regrets Going To Town On The Mince Pies...


    This Cat Who, Quite Frankly, Expected Better Of You Human...


    This Chap, Who Is Only Doing All This Because He Was Promised Cat Nip


    Don't Worry - We're Sure They'll Get Into The Christmas Spirit Soon!


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