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    10 Abyssinian Cats Who Know How Special They Are

    NewsMonday 27 October 2014



    Abyssinian cats are known for their cute looks, unusual intelligence and playful personalities. These 10 cuties are just that and they know it so take a look below and let them cheer up your week!




    This Guy, Who Definitely Should Buy a Boat


    These Little Monkeys, Who Know Exactly How Cute They Are...


    This Fella, Who's Totally Rocking The 'Hard Day At The Office' Look


    These Two, Who Think They Are The Feline World's Answer To Jedward


    This Chap, Who Will Now Sing You The Song Of His People...


    This Cutie, Who Knows This Face Will Definitely Earn Him Some Treats


    This Lady, Who is Ready For The Winter Season...


    ...And This Guy, Who Has Taken It a Step Further 


    These Chaps, Who Are Consoling Each Other About Not Catching the Red Dot


    And This Lady, Who Thinks She's a Damn Fine Seamstress


    Would you like an Abyssinian best friend of your own? Check out abyssinians available and don't forget to check out your local shelter in your quest for a feline friend as well!



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