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    World’s only cat theatre re-opens in Russia.

    NewsAll Cat NewsThursday 18 April 2013
    The world’s only cat theatre in Russia reopened its doors to visitors this Friday. The show consists of 120 different cats and is based in the city of Moscow.
    So far not all of the 120 cats are being used. The theatre’s organisers want to introduce new cats to the show slowly. The felines work hand in paw with the human performers to create incredible acts such as tight rope walking, clown performances and much more.
    Yuri Kuklachev is the man behind the idea and has a long history of performing. He was a child star in the Soviet era and also is known as a specialist animal trainer throughout his life. He has been working hard on the performances since the theatre has been undergoing renovations for the past year.
    The theatre was started originally in 1990 by Kuklachev and his son. Commenting on the theatre Kuklachev says "Today is the first day we've come here. Animals feel good and each of them has found its place. That's great because it shows that the atmosphere here is favourable for them."
    In addition to the cats' performances on stage, the theatre that bills itself as the only cat theatre in the world is also putting cats on display to the audiences before and after shows in the theatre's all glass "Cat Temple".
    However not all have taken to the theatre with pleasure. The MailOnline spoke to a PETA Spokesperson who said  the organisation was worried about cats ‘forced to carry out uncomfortable and unnatural tricks, such as performing with burning torches and dragging a doll's pram’.

    ‘Mindful members of the audience quickly realise that the cats' performances are driven by fear and enforcement and are neither voluntary nor enjoyable for the animals.’

    After the theatre went to perform in Germany, PETA went to the show and complained of the welfare of the cats. They also wanted authorities in the country to ban it and urged members of the public who were going to buy tickets not to do so.
    Below is a video clip from one of the older shows. You can make up your own mind about how you feel about the show. Feel free to leave your comments.
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