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    Warning about stray cats attacking in Leicester

    NewsThursday 24 October 2013
    Paul Goodrum from Leicester is warning people in the area that there are a large number of stray cats around and some of them are acting viciously after he woke up in the middle of the night to find his face bloodied and scratched.
    At first Mr Goodrum thought he woke up with a runny nose but when he said a stray cat in front of him, he was quite understandably shocked at what had happened.
    He said "I thought I just had a runny nose but when I felt my face it was blood.
    "I pushed the animal away and put on the light to see a very large white-grey cat. I chased it out of my bedroom and examined the damage on my face.
    "The cat had scratched my eyelid and my cheek and forehead. There were also bite marks on either side of my nose. It was very frightening."
    Mr Goodrum lives with his girlfriend and they have two domestic cats. He believes that the stray entered the house through the cat flap.
    He further commented that "My girlfriend was staying with her parents and I was on my own,"
    "Our two cats were terrified and were hiding under the units in the kitchen to keep out of its way."
    "I was worried young children in the area would be in danger after what happened to me.
    "Just think of the horrific state this would have left a baby or young child in."
    "I had a tetanus injection and was lucky my eye had only been caught on the lid," 
    Mr Goodrum even had to take the day off work to look after himself and also has told neighbours in the area to be careful.
    Lise Goen who is an animal behaviour specialist said it was a very strange occurance.
    "Strays getting into homes through cat flaps is very common, but I have not heard of a cat attacking someone who was asleep," she said.
    "Cats can be bold and territorial and it could be that the cat felt threatened by the man suddenly moving when he was asleep.
    "It could have felt it was challenged by the other cats who lived in the flat."
    Miss Goen said that pet owners could take more action so strays do not use cat flaps. One way could be to attach a powerful magnet on the cats collar and have this triggered so the flap opens when the domestic cat goes near it. 
    Source: Telegraph
    Photo: Wikimedia
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