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    'Two-Faced' Cat Frankenlouie Dies at Age 15

    NewsTuesday 09 December 2014

    When Frankenlouie was brought to Tuffs University in North Grafton he was due to be put down. But he stole the heart of veterinery nurse Marty Stevens and, despite being gievn only days to live, passed away from cancer at the ripe old age of 15 on Thursday.


    Called Frank and Louie (or Frankenlouie for short), this very special feline broke the Guiness World Record in 2012 as the oldest surviving Janus cat. He was born with two faces, two mouths, two noses and three eyes and first met Stevens when a breeder brought him to Tuffs University to be put to sleep.

    Janus cats only live a few days and many expected this to be the case with Frankenlouie too. When Stevens took him home, she fed him using tubes in his mouth and soon realised the only the 'Frank' side of the cats face was connect to the feline's esophagus. Despite only having one brain, the furry fella had an appetite and soon was strong enough to function as a normal cat. He became quite a character and loved to walk around Stevens' neighbourhood in North Grafton, Massachusetts.

    Although blind in his centre eye, Frankenlouie's outer eyes worked just fine and so he was able to enjoy the same things in life as most other cats for 15 years.


    The fascinating feline fell ill around Thanksgiving and, on taking him to the vets, Stevens' was advised that it would be best to euthanise the Janus cat, as he was in a lot of pain. Heartbroken, Stevens agreed - the vet believed the cause of Frankenlouie's pain to be cancer. 

    Despite Frankenlouie's unusal looks, he would always win people over with his sweet affentionate nature. And when asked if she would adopt another Janus cat Stevens' said she would do it all again in a heartbeat.


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