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    #SundayLunch - Human Foods You Can Feed Your Cat!

    NewsThursday 16 October 2014

    Every Sunday we share a tasty DIY recipe we've found for your feline friend!

    Everyone knows that feeling when your cat sees you open the fridge and gives you the sad, feed-me-a-treat eyes. This week to change things up a bit we're letting you know what human foods can be used as treats for cats - so you can rest easy when you share with your feline friend!


    The following foods are generally regarded to be safe to feed to cats. However, as always, we recommend double-checking with your vet and to bare in mind that some kitties have more sensitive stomachs than others! 



    Unsurprisingly, fish is a tasty treaty that you can share with your cat. However it is recommended that you boil the fish to cook it and double check for bones, as these can harm your feline friend. Fresh salmon and red snapper are good choices, as well as canned sardines and tuna. Remember to keep portion sizes small - to ensure your cat does not ingest too much of the mecury and fatty acids found in fish.



    If your cat chews on house plants, this might be great for them! Waltermelon can help your kitty with digestive issues and offers a nice occasional contrast to their mostly carnivorous diet. Just be sure to remove the seeds and remember that cats cannot digestive a large amount of plant matter so keep melons as an occasional treat!


    Boneless Meats

    As mentioned above cats are carnivorous beings, so a delicious treat of beef, chicken or lamb is bound to go down well. Just make sure you boil the meat to cook it and that it is free of flavourings, preservatives and other seasonings. Some owners keep their cats a raw food diet, however if you wish to make this change please consult your vet.



    Cats like to eat grass from time to time so a snack of lettuce will satify this craving. Just make sure its organic and free of pesticides - tearing it up into shreds so your cat will find it easier to eat. Other green veg such as broccoli, green beans and asparagus are great treats for your feline friend as well, just remember to keep it occasional.



    One of my own cats was crazy for bananas when she was a kitten so I was glad to hear that bananas are a safe snack for your cat in small doses. It is recommend you freeze the bananas after cutting them up into cat bite-size chunks.



    Now you can ensure your kitty doesn't feel left out of your Sunday morning fry-ups! Scrambled or hard boiled eggs are excellent source of protien for cats - just make sure you cook it without any butter or oil. And don't be tempted to season it with salt or pepper - this could be unsafe for your cat and quite frankly they're probably not that fussy! 


    Would you like a feline friend to share your lunch with? Check out our available cats and kittens - don't forget to head down to your local shelter in your hunt for a new best friend too!




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