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    #SundayLunch - Chicken Vegetable Stew!

    News#SundayLunchFriday 10 October 2014

    Every Sunday we share a tasty DIY recipe we've found for your feline friend! The past couple of weeks we've focused on homemade cat treats but did you know you can create delicious food for your feline to enjoy at mealtimes too? Check out below for how to do a DIY chicken vegatable stew for your cat!



    Remember that some cats have more sensitive tummies than others, so we always recommend checking with a vet that the following ingredients are suitable for yours. Also remember that cats are very particular about eating in a certain way, so if you want to make the switch to home-made meals you'll need to introduce it gradually! 


    For This Delicious Dish, You Will Need:


    - A Small Whole Chicken

    - 5 Carrots: Cut into Small Pieces

    - 3 Celery Sticks: Cut into Small Pieces

    - Half a Cup of Uncooked Rice

    - Water



    1. Place the chicken in a large pot filled with water. Throw in the carrots and celery and then add the rice.


    2. Bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer and cook gently until the chicken falls off the bone and the vegatables are tender. This will probably take a couple of hours, but keep an eye on it and use your judgement. Removed from the heat and allow to cool.


    3. Debone the chicken thouroughly. This is absolutely ESSENTIAL as cooked chicken bones spliter very easily and can cause serious intestinal damage when consumed by your kitty!


    4. Pour the cooked stew into a blender or food processor and bled into a course mixture. The resulting mix should be cat bite-size.


    5. Freeze in individual portions. When you require a portion, defrost it in the fridge for at least 8 hours (again use your common sense when it come to this). remove from the fridge about 20 minutes before serving so your cat gets it at room temperature! Bon Apurrtit!  


    No cat loves food made with loving care more than shelter cats! If you are thinking about bringing a furry feline into your life, consider adopting from your local rescue














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