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    “Me-ouch!” Woman Hospitalised for 6 Days After Trying to Give Cat a Bath

    NewsUK Cat NewsWednesday 03 September 2014

    Attempting to bathe her Persian cat, Oscar, has landed a woman in hospital for nearly a week.


    Lesley Pleasant, from Shepton Mallet in the West Country, decided a bath was the best way to de-flea 10 month-old Oscar, as he was not fond of being groomed. But, despite Lesley’s other two pets - a dog and another Persian cat - not minding baths at all, Oscar was having none of it.

    “He flew up my arm, and my daughter had to ease his claws out of my skin. I was covered in scratches, but one, on the inside of my elbow was really deep. It hurt like anything, but it didn’t bleed, so I just got on with my day.” 


    Unfortunately, later on that night, Lesley woke up with a terrible headache, high temperature and severe arm pain which got worse as the night went on until she decided enough was enough. 

    “About 5am, I used my mobile phone to call my daughter, who sleeps in the room next to me. I said I wasn’t feeling well and asked if she’d bring me a cup of tea and some paracetamol. My arm had swollen up and looked like one of those long, sausage balloons you get.” 

    Once the paracetamol had kicked in she drove herself to the hospital, only to find it was closed. She resolved to drive back the following morning and when she did was quickly referred to Bath Royal United Hospital. However, her condition then deteriorated and she called on a friend to give her a lift.

    Lesley recalls: “I threw up in the car all the way there. When I arrived in A&E, they whisked me through straight away, got me into a bed and put me on a drip.”

    Blood poisoning, which can lead to organ failure and even death, was quickly diagnosed and she was put on a drip, but that was not the end of her ordeal. Instead of helping, the drip caused her to break out in a rash, which was established three days later to be a penicillin allergy. After a change of medication Lesley was finally on the mend and, six days into her stay at the hospital, was discharged to go home.


    But what became of Oscar the peppy Persian? Were relations permanently shattered between him and Lesley? Of course not.

    “If I had any sense, I would have gone and got treatment right after the scratch,” she said, “But he is just himself - completely unaware of the chaos he caused.” 

    Seems like all is forgiven for now, at least on Lesley’s part!


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