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    Haifa woman saves Egyptian kittens

    NewsCat Rescue NewsSunday 12 February 2012
    Woman organizes operation to rescue two stray cats facing execution in neighboring Arab country

    This is a slightly odd story about a cat lover from Haifa, who happened to read a Russian blog about two street kittens about to be executed in Egypt, and decided to organize a rescue operation.

    This happened days after the Egyptian revolution.

    "Talkbackers on the blog spoke about the Egyptian's cruel methods of putting cats to death," says Marina Egorova. "In some cases they inject poison, and sometimes they choose a cheaper way of using a heavy stone.

    "Other talkbackers noted that in the city where they are planning to kill the cats, Dahab in Sinai, there is only one veterinarian with too much work on his hands. I couldn't stand the thought of the fate of those street cats, who no one wants."
    She decided to go to Egypt to rescue the cats. She traveled by bus, in the heat, as she doesn't own a car.
    "I was scared to death, but all I could think about was my mission," she says. "I arrived at the home of the woman who published the story on the blog. She took me to the garden and pointed the cats out to me. She took care of the vaccination papers, and I returned to Israel with the two cats. I have no words to describe the feeling."
    Marina herself has several kittens at home, so she is searching for a different owner for the two Egyptian cats. At the same time, she is also checking out adoptive families in Moscow due to the city's high standard of living, which will guarantee that the kittens get royal treatment.

    "Moscow is my hometown," she says. "In the past I found a family there for a blind cat, and I hope that this time too – thanks to my many vast connections, I'll be able to give the kittens a better future."

    The project is being sponsored by the Pet Buy chain, which has provided the kittens with veterinary care, food and the supplies needed until a home is found for them.

    Source: y net

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