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    'Fostered' kitten is back with mum

    NewsCat Rescue NewsThursday 24 May 2012
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    Meet the kitten who was reunited with his mum two days after being abandoned outside a Keighley vet’s.

    Rohan was found in the Aireworth Vets car park last Thursday night soon after being born.

    Keighley Cat Care volunteers fostered him with a mother cat who had recently lost her own babies.

    Then two days later, Rohan’s mother was found in the same car park – along with her other four kittens.

    The drama began as Aireworth receptionist Adele Clegg was locking up after surgery and heard miaows from the cold and frightened Rohan.

    She called Keighley Cat Care, whose volunteers Pauline Hewitt and Loraine Petyt collected Rohan.

    Pauline said the ginger-and-white kitten Rohan was so cold that he felt like a bag of frozen peas.

    The foster mother took to the kitten straightaway, washing it, keeping it warm and encouraging it to suckle.

    Then, on Saturday morning, Rohan’s mother and his four siblings were found under bushes in the car park.

    Chris Rawnsley, from Keighley Cat Care, said a cardboard box had been left in the car park, taped up, but the mother cat had chewed her way out.

    She said: “The cat obviously gave birth in the bushes and was most likely frightened off after she had had Rohan. She clearly came back later and had the rest of the litter.

    “Rohan is now reunited with his mum and his brothers and sisters. His surrogate mum seems relieved that her responsibility is over.

    “However, had it not been for Adele’s quick action and Keighley Cat Care’s instant response, the situation would have been very different."

    Keighley Cat Care can be contacted on  (01274) 568380      .

    Source: Keighley News

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