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    Cat saves businessmen in house fire but loses its life.

    NewsWednesday 08 May 2013
    A heroic cat saved businessmen by jumping on his bed during a house fire. This saved the man’s life however the cat name Cystal did not survive the fire.
    The fire started at around 5.20am while Mr Bywater aged 50 was sleeping in his bed. He did not have a smoke alarm fitted and he only noticed the problem when his cat Cystal started jumping on his bed, bouncing and meowing like crazy. Mr Bywater was able to dodge the disaster and escape from the house however he remains in hospital in a serious condition with burns to his head and damage to his lungs from the smoke inhalation.
    He left the house in his dressing gown and knocked on the neighbours windows. It was then that the fire services were called out and he was saved.
    Crystal was left in the house however and is said to have perished in the blaze. Another cat named Fudge managed to escape the house but has not been seen since.
    The £250,000 house in Timperly near Altrincham, Cheshire was badly damaged and there are fears that it could be demolished altogether.
    A neighbour close to Mr Bywater said that
    ‘He came banging on the door and I couldn’t believe the flames.
    ‘He said something about his cat waking him up when he was in bed and I’d say he got out in the nick of time.
    ‘The fire obviously started downstairs and made its way up. His Mercedes and Nissan cars were parked in his drive so I was terrified they’d explode and the fire would spread to our house. 
    ‘Once we were out, he went banging on the other neighbour’s door to wake them. Vic doted on his cats and will be devastated at losing them.’
    Peter Lamb in charge of the fire station said that 'Mr Bywater had been woken by his cat who was bouncing on his bed.
    'He has come downstairs and has been confronted by a lot of smoke and heat. He managed to escape through the front door and call us out.
    'He's fortunately been saved by his cat but his cat hasn't made it. He's got two, one found dead in the house and the other is unaccounted for at the moment.'
    Mr Bywater runs Lime Bank products which sells medical supplies to hospitals. 
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: fsse8info
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