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    Animal lover spends £2,500 to bring a stray cat to live with her in the UK.

    NewsThursday 23 May 2013
    Angela Burrell who is a 33 year old British national spent a number of years working in China as an English teacher teaching English to Chinese students. While there she spotted a stray homeless cat name Kandinsky (not pictured). In total the cost came up to £2,500 including injections, treatments and of course the flight itself which was a first class British Airways flight.
    It was after undergoing an intensive language course where Ms Burrell was required to teach English to students in an area north of Beijing that she came across the stray which was in not the best condition. She instantly fell in love with it and named the cat Kandinsky. The name comes from a friend but also the famous Russian artist. After living with the cat in her Chinese apartment she decided she wanted to bring it home.
    Ms Burrell said: 'He was feeling very sorry for himself and I decided I wanted to bring him back home to Skelton with me.
    'But he had to pass a blood test and in January this year I got him all his jabs and permissions.
    'It's no longer necessary to quarantine cats now as the regulations have changed.

    'I believe I'm the first person in that area of China to do this.'

    'My sister Jo came to meet us at Heathrow.’
    'Kandinsky's about two years old and is very affectionate. My apartment in China was tiny so he's been enjoying the space in Skelton in our garden.
    'I take him out in a harness and everyone loves it. It's been an adventure, but it's great now I've got him back to the UK.'

    The cat was transported via first class in the hold by none other than British Airways. Ms Burrell, conscience of money, took a cheaper Russian airline and had to change at Moscow in order to get back to the UK.
    The travelling is not yet over for Kandinsky though as Mr Burrell plans on going to America to live with her boyfriend. Not a bad life for a cat that started life off as a stray in China that has now turned into a jet setting superstar.
    The social media networks reacting to the news have loved this incredible story with one user from Canada commenting that Pets are family. Of course you don't leave them behind.".
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Eugene
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