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    £50 device to keep track of where your cat goes at night

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 28 March 2013
    Dave Evans a cat owner has built a device that costs £50 that will help keep track of where your cat goes. He came up with the idea after wondering where his cat Yollo kept going each night.
    After wondering why his cat Yollo was getting larger and larger even though he was feeding it less Dave Evans set about a plan to create a tracking device on that would monitor the exact location of his cat. So far it seems to be working well with Dave commenting “Now I know he travels a couple of miles each day, exactly where he goes at night and who else is feeding him. “I know he also enjoys chasing chickens at 6am every morning and can see all his favourite hangouts.”
    The device is going to be called “G-Paws”. It is similar to a GPS unit and weighing less than an ounce it is perfect to fit on any other dogs and cats. He looks set to market it to other pet owners who are interested as to where their cats go at night. He aims to sell the device at £50.
    It works by recording exactly where the cat has been to and records this on a USB device. The USB device can then be plugged into a computer and the data downloaded and transmitted onto Google Earth. It then maps out the locations that the cat has been to. The device is even said to be weatherproof and will work in wind or rain.
    There are many uses to the device even for dogs. If you are paying good money for a professional walker and want to know that they are doing their job then the tracking device can help locate them and make sure the dog is getting the correct amount of daily exercise. 
    Dave adds ““For too long we have been kept in the dark about the secret lives of our pets.
    “At last we will know what they get up to, what ‘second homes’ they have, how far they travel and where their favourite hangouts are.”
    There are other similar devices out there however they work via SIM and are often more expensive and too heavy for smaller pets. Dave is getting the “G-Paws” device manufactured in China.
    Source: Express
    Photo Source: Wikimedia
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