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    £25 dish of duck, lobster, sushi and caviar for cats..?!?

    NewsThursday 04 July 2013
    Even though most of us would be content with food of this standard it is actually a special dish that has has been created by a celebrity chef for cats with some of the finest ingredients in the world. These include roasted duck, lobster sushi roll and Beluga caviar.
    The dish ('Chat Délices') was designed by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer and is full of premium ingredients. Even though it is going to set you back £24.99, Simon believes that are all ingredients of the dish are designed to be highly nutritious.
    The famous chef has worked in close collaboration with vets using the latest insights into cat nutrition. It has been matched to work with a cat’s strict dietary requirements.
    A vet Joe Inglis who worked on the recipe commented on it
    'Quite possibly the biggest problem facing cats today is their owners feeding them unhealthy meals on a daily basis, resulting in obesity and many other health complications. 
    'While this dish is indeed a special treat for felines, owners can feel safe in the knowledge that it has been specifically designed for a cat’s biology; with their health, safety and nutrition right at the forefront.'

    The chef himself Simon Rimmer said that ‘I’m used to creating recipes that will please a human palate and, despite being a cat owner myself, the first-ever fine dining dish for cats was uncharted territory for me.
    'However, by working closely with animal experts we’ve created a dish that is not only good for cats but is also a "once-in-nine-lifetimes" food experience for them.'

    To keep this super exclusive only 50 dishes will be made and all will be prepared by Simon himself. They will be sold for 24.99 at the IceTank kitchen in Covent Garden and will come in specially themed cat packaging. 
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikimedia
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