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    NewsGeneral Cat News13-06-2014
    Cats can be really amusing when given a smartphone. As vain as they are, their gestures and poses never disappoint us!. Why don't you hand your kitty a mobile phone and see what comes out of it?       Images taken from:  

    NewsGeneral Cat News02-05-2014
    You need to work alone?  Need some space just for yourself? As much as you love your cat, you find it a bit difficult to conduct certain actions if she is hanging out with you? The Chinese architect and designer Ruan Hao has created this new CATable, designed for Hangzhou and Hong Kong-based architecture firm LYCS. The desk was showcased during Milan Design Week. However, i...

    NewsGeneral Cat News28-04-2014
    After the wettest winter on record, ticks and fleas are certain to be a big issue for cats and dogs this summer. Log on to our live clinic to find out how to spot ticks and fleas on your pet, how to treat them, and how to avoid them in the first place     Show date: Thursday 1st May                         ...

    NewsGeneral Cat News15-10-2013
    A man in the US has been arrested after buying a large number of kittens off the classified site Craigs List and then beating them to death because he was “angry with the world”.   Ronald Fraser Golden has been charged with 22 counts of first-degree animal cruelty after police found five dead cats and blood splattered across his walls. The 48 year old admitted that his ...

    NewsGeneral Cat News26-09-2013
    Earlier in the year we were told the surprising news that George Bush had taken up the hobby of painting cats. Well it seems that is not all he does in regards to cats as a new picture he posted on popular photo sharing site Instagram shows him with a new rescue cat.   He has named his new cat Bob and found it when it wandered onto his property.   Bush shared a photo o...

    NewsGeneral Cat News26-09-2013
    We brought you the news recently that London’s first cat café was soon going to open but it looks as though our neighbours down south have already beaten us to it. Paris’s first cat café opened up recently offers relaxation and tranquillity as well as a nice cup of coffee.   The new café has been named the Café Des Chats and has opened up in ...

    NewsGeneral Cat News19-09-2013
    While many countries have stopped sending animals into space Iran is slowly building up its space program and will be sending a feline into space. The scientists in charge have decided that the best animal for the task would be a Persian cat. It will be used in preparation for Iran's first manned space mission which it hopes to complete in 2020.   A Persian cat has been chosen ...

    NewsGeneral Cat News11-07-2013
    A man from Southern Ontario in Canada has pleaded guilty after over 150 dead cats were found in his freezer and fridge.   In total authorities reported that there were over 155 dead felines and 49 living ones in the apartment all together. It was a one bedroom apartment in downtown Windsor. Authorities investigated after receiving reports about excessive cats.   When t...

    NewsGeneral Cat News11-07-2013
    New research shows that a paraiste called Toxoplasma gondii is far more dangerous than once thought due to the increase in cat ownership and the rise in feral cats. As a result, this has grave implications for human health and wellbeing.    For a long time it has been known that cats carry a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii and that they shed an embryonic form of the par...

    NewsGeneral Cat News04-07-2013
    A cat went missing from her home in May and miraculously survived after spending five weeks in a storage container.    The two-year-old cat, called Branwen, survived the ordeal without any food and was reported missing.    Then, last week, the black and white cat was spotted in the container, which was just yards from her home in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.  ...

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