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    Why does your cat lose its fur?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 20 July 2011

    Cats generally shed their coats twice a year so all the cat lover should simply accept this fact as a natural event in the cat’s life. Shedding is how animals renew their fur and keep it in good condition so you should not worry at all about it! Cats shed usually in the spring in order to lose the heavy undercoat from winter and in fall so they can prepare for the winter temperatures.  

    Shedding depends not only on the weather conditions, but also on how much time spends your cat outdoors. For indoor cats the shedding process takes practically all year round and it might depends on lighting conditions, air conditioning levels and the constant temperature control in home.

    Cats shed to remove dead hair from their bodies that might cause skin irritation if not gone. If you do not take care of your cat it starts to release its fur on its own and that is often what makes cat owners quite frustrated. However, the solution is very simple as the only thing you should do is remember about daily brushing. The more frequently you brush your cat and remove dead and loose hair from their bodies, they won’t shed and you have full control over where the fur goes.

    There are cat breeds that do not shed or shed a minimal amount of fur, such as Cornish Rex or Devon Rex, or Sphynx Cats that are hairless.

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