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    What to look for in a perfect cattery?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 14 July 2011

    When looking for a cattery for your cat the best way is always to ask for recommendations and look around to check whether the cats look happy. As a cat owner you should take into consideration your kitten’s needs: what type of food do they serve in the cattery, how often your cat needs to be fed, can your cat have its own basket etc. It is always good to ask whether you can call the cattery staff to ask how your cat is doing. 

    In general you should always look for a cattery that accepts only vaccinated cats. Remember that your cat needs a safe and clean place, for your feline it does not matter whether it is a fancy place! However, it would be good if you choose a cattery with heated beds when you plan a longer trip during the winter season. Apart from the facilities and overall conditions, you should take a note of the staff working there. The cattery employee should be warm and friendly to cuddle and pamper the kittens that are there…

    Remember that the good cattery will always be able to show you the boarding facilites (of course during the working hours!) and would ask questions about your cat, such as vaccinations, any dietary needs, medications.

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